Rolf`s Structural Integration - Rolfing

Do you suffer from?

  • Disk herniation?
  • Back pain?
  • Scoliosis?
  • Emotional condition deriving from physiological problem?

Have you tried conventional medicine, alternative medicine, massage, physiotherapy, but nothing really helped?

    Ida Rolf`s Structural Integration*, constitutes a major element in the Bahat Method -Touch and Movement Therapy, it offers you something different...
    *As the term "Rolfing" is a registered sine mark of the Rolf institute, I shell use only  her own given name for her work – Structural Integration or in short: S.I

    Structural Integration/Rolfing, a model of energetic effectiveness 

    How is our body constructed? Like any geometric structure, our body is made up of sections. They are most stable when one stands on the centre of the other and the minimum of effort is required for them to remain in this position.
    What determines the serenity of the structure? What does the precise structure allow?
    What is unique in the method? 
    • Structural precision
    • Geometric precision
    • Connection between physical, emotional and spiritual aspects
    • Correct course of movement
    • Minimum effort
    • Returning bones to their natural place and reducing the burden on muscles and joints without manipulation of the actual bones.

    Structural Integration Therapy

    In the therapy we will build a new relationship with the ground, a flow system, giving and receiving. We will find the correct course of movement. Technically, the work is carried out through deep touch, clarifying the movement in the various joints, cleaning and opening obstructions in the fascia (connective tissue enveloping every organ in the body) in order to allow the movement to flow more freely. I define for you gradually the limits of the structure and its centre on every side, until creation of a clear feeling of the centre, of top and of bottom.

    I apply pressure that causes the temperature of the fascia to rise and this allows melting of fascia thicknesses and adhesions.
    To the pressure that I apply is added your active movement in the nearby joint and thus with dissolving of the adhesions, you yourself pave a course of movement on exactly the right and precise plane;       

    At the end of a 10 - sessions treatment series, you will automatically create for yourself structural preference for use of the correct course of movement.




    Are you a Therapist? 

    Do you  Want  to becom a Structural Integrator?


    What Is Structural Integration / Rolfing?

    Dr Ida Rolf discovered the tremendous significance of the possibility of carrying out structural changes in the body through opening of thicknesses and contractions of muscles created from fascial adhesions.
    What Ida Rolf discovered was firstly that lengthening of a fascia that had contracted creates considerable pain relief!
    Opening of fascial thicknesses and adhesions leads to lengthening of the muscles that they envelop, and as a result lessening of the pressure with which contracted muscles pull on the bone to which they are connected.
    It is the lessening of this pull that allows the bone to return to its natural place in the system, thus reducing additional stresses on disks, vertebrae and joints.
    As opposed to the manipulation of the vertebrae, in which the bone is returned to its correct place suddenly and artificially, the return of the bone to its place by this method is effected naturally, without any pressure on the actual bone, and this guarantees its stability in the correct place without the need to repeat the manipulation again and again!

    The "Line" - the Central Axis

    An axis passes through the centres of the sections from top to bottom and is divided into two in the legs. Its precise place is determined by the meeting between 2 planes: the plane that traverses the body from right to left, and the plane that traverses the body from back part to front part. The meeting of the traversing planes constitutes the central axis of the body which begins at the crown of the head and ends at the front of the heels.
    Rolf`s work focused on organisation of the structures and sections so that their centres will be precisely over each other, and in this way excess stresses will be released from the outside cover enveloping all the sections, like a tissue from the sole of the foot to the head.

    Ida Rolf - a Scientist seeks a Solution for her Son`s Pains

    Rolf, a leading scientist at the Rockefeller Institute, published scores of professional articles at the highest levels in the field of physics and biochemistry. On a parallel to her work she sought solutions for intense pains suffered by her son. In her quest she studied therapeutic methods, including homoeopathy and osteopathy.
    She found considerable improvement for the pains from which her son suffered using techniques of lengthening the fascia (the fascia is lengthened by opening the fascial adhesions causing its contraction.
    After very extensive study of her method, I qualified and have practised Ida Rolf`s Structural Integration therapy since 1990. I qualified in the advanced series in 2004.
    In the Bahat method - touch and movement therapy I use know-how from Ida Rolf`s approach where necessary.

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