The Trager Approach

Psycho Physical Integration – The Trager Approach

Do you feel that your body is tense, contracted, strained?

In the Trager approach we will learn to relax and let go. We do not need to control everything all the time. This requires a great deal of energy. You will be surprised to feel lightness, suppleness and pleasantness. You will be astonished at how suddenly things in your life begin to flow...
Saving energy 
Yes, we try to save energy and not to waste electricity, water and other expensive resources, but the dearest resource of all, the energy of your body is wasted every day for hours because of use of excessive force. In the Trager method we will learn to save energy through the feeling of weight of the limbs.

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How do we weigh a foot? 

In order to feel the weight of a limb in your body, the muscles holding it and the  muscles of the actual limb  must be relaxed when you  lift them up. When you feel  the weight of the limb you  will be able to use a minimum 
of effort in order to move it.  The process of letting go teaches the brain to be in a place of "inaction" also during movement.

Relief of body and mind

The Trager method is a learning method: We learn how to allow movement to pass in the body, to open and release the joints, to lengthen and revitalise the tissues and to bring relief to body and soul. 
In the course of a Trager session, the therapist teaches you how to increase your suppleness and expand your variety of possibilities of movement, through a series of measured and delicate movements. These movements allow true relaxation.

Feelings that will accompany you onward. Feelings of lightness and pleasantness, effortless movement and the ability to let go, become new habits that in time are internalised and become natural. 

Every time that you experience a situation of calm and relaxation the changes will become deeper and their influence will be strengthened. At every Trager session, you will receive the instructions for self-therapy movements called "Menstatics". These are simple, effortless movements that will help you to create those feelings that were created during the therapy. 

The influences of the therapy penetrate the subconscious, and continue to be absorbed and to lead to results a long time after conclusion of the therapy. 

Milton Trager (1997 - 1908) - a model of gentleness and flow 
The influence of a gentle movement on the nervous system is a subject that Dr. Milton Trager investigated throughout his life, firstly as a psychotherapist and later as a qualified physician. In his study he relates the nervous system to the subconscious, the place where patterns and habits of movement and behaviour are kept. 

The Trager Approuch training

Qualification as a Practitioner in the method is given by Trager Israel working with approval of  "Trager International". The Trager method qualification program is planned and carried out by "Trager International" and includes a progressive training course, which leads to qualification for work with the status of therapist. The course of study today includes courses for beginners, advanced students and qualified Trager Practitioner, in addition to a unique anatomy course, documented field work, private lessons, and further study courses. 
I have practised the Trager Approach since 1990 and have also been qualified for teaching as a tutor since 2001
In the beginning of 2012 my "Coming from the Core" workshop, was recognized as an Elective workshop in the training track for level 3 students and higher.
In October 2012 I became an Instructor Trainee and on Oct 2013 I became a Solo Instructor which means I can teach any where in the world the Level 1 training course. Sice 2015 I am a Trager Instructor and have taught it in Israel and in Amsterdam. 
In the Bahat Method the Trager Approach occupies a central position.
In the Bahat method I use principles and techniques from the Trager method and carry out unique integration between these principles and principles from Dr. 
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