A top orthopedist had pronounced that recovery was impossible

10/10/2014 - 00
When I first came to Avi a year and a half ago I was in very poor shape. My posture had collapsed to the left, apparently due to a worsening in my scoliosis. Walking was difficult, sitting was difficult -- getting through the day was difficult. I was reduced to short periods of gentle movement interrupted by long periods of rest. A top orthopedist had pronounced that recovery was impossible -- that the only solution would be long spinal fusion of some 17 vertebrae.
Needless to say now I was not only in pain, but was also bewildered. I knew my case was more chronic than urgent, and decided to take some time to work with alternative therapies. Perhaps I could feel more comfortable.... and the work would at best help me avoid the surgery or at least prepare for it.
Avi began with me with twice weekly Rolfing sessions. He was professional, but he was also kind and supportive. He worked through the Rolfing protocol and continued with massages using Rolfing and introducing Trager techniques. No one can correct my spinal deformity, but at least Avi helped me reduce a lot of the painful tension I was carrying in my back. Together with the therapeutic yoga I had begun, I began to slowly get my life back.
Some weeks later, Avi invited me to a week-long workshop to learn Trager Approach. Not only was the week a lot of fun, but in a way I cannot fully explain, working on other people’s healthy bodies seemed to transfer to me a sense of my own well-being and alignment. I continue to use the Trager massage to help friends and family, with excellent results.
I have come a long way. Surgery is now completely off the table. I get through most days, can cook again, can carry on my normal activities almost without adjustment. In the summer I started walking longer distances, as much as an hour at a time, and swimming. I completely attribute to Avi the beginning of that change, both physically and emotionally.
So thank you Avi. For those days if you wonder whether you are really helping people, reread this and know you saved my life.
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