Structural Integration - Dr. Rolf's Model of Movement

This special workshop shows how the structural Integration of Dr. Ida Rolf makes her Movement Model possible for the average body.

April 2 Amsterdam, contact: Petra van Os    06-27065856.

In this workshop, we will look at the Model of Movement of Dr. Rolf.

We will look at our own way of walking and relate it to the Model.

Finally, we will see how by opening fascia according to Rolf's method, we enable the average body to function according to the model.

For whom is this workshop?
Invited to this workshop are all those professionals who are either working with or are interested in movement and in Ida Rolf's Model of Movement.
It is mainly for Massage Therapists (with or without Deep tissue Massage background), Physiotherapist, Rebalancers, Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and Professionals who are attracted to the special work of Dr. Rolf. 
Structural Integration in Amsterdam

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