Slipped Disk and Disk Hernia

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The Bahat method offers an effective treatment for slipped disk and disk hernia without needing an operation!
Slipped disk and disk hernia are a direct outcome of pressure on the disk between the vertebrae.  

In hernia some of the gel inside of the disk, which serves as a shock absorber, bursts out of the hard envelope and presses on the nerve, creating inflammation and pain.

In slipped disks the disk itself has moved and presses on the nerve creating inflammation and pain.The treatment for both slipped disk and disk hernia includes touch and movement therapy.
The Structural Integration of Ida Rolf is used to open adhesions that cause imbalance. This creates pressure on the nerve producing inflammation and pain.
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The movement work is designed for quick alleviating of the pain through exercises that reduces the pressure on the disk and enhance the restoration of balance to structure.
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