Shoulder therapy workshop

Relating to Shoulder problems

October 25    10.00 - 18.00 at the Akademie for Massage and Movement Amsterdam

Contact Petra Van Os at  06-27065856.

This workshop continues the workshop on the neck but can also be taken by itself.
It is specifically for Massage Therapists who wants to improve their work on the shoulder area. Rolfers, Structural Integrators, Trager practitioners (or advanced students) will benefit a lot from this opportunity to learn how these two approaches can be integrated and bring much more effective results! For massage therapists this will also serve as an introduction for this special works though the main work here will be along the lines of the structural Integration work of Dr. Rolf.   
Combining the two elements of releasing (or recognizing support) and organizing the structure around the central axis, brings much better results both in achieving the level of freedom desired, and in maintaining this freedom in daily life as result of learning the principles of releasing while in movement.  

Work on all the muscles that connect the shoulder to the body:

Lying on your back:

Pectoralis Minor and its surroundings

The Subscapularis

The Serratus Anterior

The Pectoralis Major

Triceps area

The Deltoid area

Releasing the Clavicle bone over the ribs

Release of the Clavicle from the shoulder

Turn the head with support from the foot

Bending and straightening of the elbows, while turning the head.


Lying on the side:

Work on the shoulder neck junction on Trapezius muscle and Levator Scapula including the Triggers Pointes in that area.

Release along the border of the Scapula using pressure in combination with rocking movement.

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