Treating Scoliosis -  what can be done?

עקמת בבוגריםScoliosis is a genetic problem that causes some muscles on one side of the spine (e.g. the right side) to continually contract while in the other side (e.g. the left side) there is a very weak muscle that hardly contracts at all. 

The first time scoliosis is usually seen in children is between the ages of 11 and 15,  which is the period of fastest growth. It is not that the condition was not present before, but at this age, it is easier to see. 

The asymmetric condition causes the spine to curve dues to the stronger side pulls the vertebra towards that side causing the spine to bend in that direction.

How to treat Scoliosis?

Ida Rolf's method of Structural Integration elongates the shortened muscles which pull and curve the spine while at the same time teaches correct movement for strengthening the weak side.

Elongating the shortened muscles is done by melting the adhesions of the fascia that envelops the muscle. Tthis is achieved by a mutual work in which the therapist puts an exact pressure on the adhesions while the client is moving his joints in a correct and directed movement. 

The course of sessions is of 10 sessions and the results are often outstanding! Yet those who suffer from scoliosis will need to continue with preventing treatments in growing intervals.
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Scoliosis in children should not be delayed in treatment as the adhesions become worse by the day!

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