Psoas 3 days' workshop

A 3 days' workshop for Massage therapists and Structural Integrators

Amsterdam 10 - 12 April 2018 in the Akademie for Massage and Movement 

Contact Petra Van Os at  06-27065856.

Psoas correct functioning is a major goal in the Rolf's Structural Integration.
Yet, this muscle is less adjustable then others, being an inner muscle which we have no direct connection to operate. Therefore, big part of the work is to create the correct surroundings in order for it to function properly.
The Psoas is the only muscle that connects the legs directly to the spine and it signifies this important relationship: legs should be the supporters of the spine, while Psoas among other functions also defines the balance of this support between the two legs.

Psoas is an inner muscle not just by being in the middle of the body between the front and the back; it is also in the middle between left and right. By that, it functions on the line of the inner side of the legs.

Most people are using more the outer side of the legs while turning the legs out and using a lot the Gluteus muscles.
Using the foot in parallel position, is a first step on this learning of correct use of the psoas. In it, the function of the inner arches of the feet – becomes significant and serves as the catalyst of Psoas correct functioning.

In this specific workshop, we will concentrate on making the inner sides of the legs available to deliver the support of the earth by opening adhesions and making them longer! Then, we will concentrate on releasing the belly surroundings, before escorting the pelvic and its structure, in its passive movement initiated by the feet! Last, we will awaken the psoas to function correctly and observe how it does so!
This is the heart of the Structural Integration work. This experience will pave the path for it to become an art rather then a craft.

It is suitable for Structural integrators who wants to develop more this part of the work, and it is open for Massage Therapists who wants to dive in and have a meaningful taste of the Structural Integration work.


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