The Online course to prevent back pain

The Online course to prevent back pain and improve posture

The course is for those who want to wean themselves from chronic back pain or pain that comes and goes on for years. It has also proven effective in preventing migraines! 
The course teaches a better use of the body within the field of gravity, teaches the use of the midline of the body in a way that removes pressure from the spine and specific points in the back. 

At first, you will receive one lesson each time (on Mondays and Thursdays). After the first 12 lessons, you will also get the sequence of all the exercises that takes about half an hour.
You will get eight more lessons for specific issues.

Most exercises are done on a mattress (yoga mat or rug, etc.) and some standing and walking.
Make time to work with the video. You can first look and then do as you hear, the lessons are not long so that 20 minutes and sometimes even less, will be enough for both watching and practicing.

The cost of the course is 120 NIS. Only!

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