Neck Workshop

Treating neck, solving neck problems

October 23, 24 10.00 - 18.00 at the Akademie for Massage and Movement Amsterdam

Contact Petra Van Os at  06-27065856.

This 2 days' workshop is specifically for Massage Therapists who wants to improve their work on the neck area. Rolfers, Structural Integrators, Trager practitioners (or advanced students) will benefit a lot from this opportunity to go into depth of this complicated area. For massage therapists this will also serve as an introduction for this special works.  
The two elements of releasing (or recognizing support) and organizing the structure around the central axis, are interrelated and needs one the other for achieving the result of free neck, good posture and vitality.

Two complementary approaches: releasing a held neck and organizing the neck structure.

How to release the neck?




The support principles and practice.
The passive neck movements that encourage natural release of tension.
Building the connection from neck to earth via the correct use of the leg and foot!

Organizing the neck structurally 

Open adhesions in the various muscles attached to the neck.
Opening adhesions at the neck connections with the shoulder blade - creating the right space for free movement of the neck and shoulder blades.
The right position of the neck above the thorax at the back of the spine - straight up with no forward, backward or sideways deviation.
Correct neck movement on tilting sideways, bending forward, and straightening back

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