Lower back pain

lower back pain is the most common area for back pain. 

sometimes this causes problems in upper parts of the back too!

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The good news is that this can be changed!

It is possible to ease or even eliminate lower back pain, and prevent disk problems and upper back problems too.  
The most common reson for lower back pain, is bad posture, especially in the pelvic region.  
Most people are having an inner fight between too much forwards to too much backwards. Too much forward creates pressure on the lower back vertebras and therefore pain. Too much backwards tilt creates a constant pull on the lower back muscles. They are constantly on the edge of a lower back spasm, and any small added pressure, such as bending forwards to pick up even a very light weight, might end up causing a spasm! 

Lower Back treatment
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An effective treatment of  lower back pain consists of  learning  how to position the pelvis correctly so that none of these factors continue to play a role.
Through the Structural Integration of Ida Rolf, we learn how to use the body correctly, and this is the most efficient treatment for lower back pain.
The Paula Method has also some magic exercises that can help immediately alleviate  lower back disk problems!
For exercises to alleviate and prevent lower back pain in sitting click here!
For more information about the Structural Integration of Ida Rolf click here.The Movement part of the treatment teaches correct posture, standing, sitting and walking in order to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem. There is a special DVD that I have designed to give you daily training for building up the correct use of your body. For more information and for purchasing the DVD, scroll to the bottom of the page.
Another Approach that can alleviate lower back pain is the Trager Approach where the emphasis is on reducing tension, and teaching a no effort Movement.  You can read more about it on the Trager Approach page.

Other approaches to relieve lower back pain are in the in the energy field, psychosomatics, nutrition and herbs. A very effective help from the nutrition/herb's aspect is the well-known Turmeric Curcumin you can read about it in the link. Another aspect that might surprise you are: Association Between Smoking and Back Pain (just search in the internet).

To read more about Back Pain and for exercises to prevent back pain, enter the Back pain page.
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