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Level 1 Training course in Israel

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Avi Bahat is teaching Level 1 in Israel.

The class is usually conducted in Hebrew but it is also possible to get English translation in the class. Most students speaks English well enough so if needed English can be provided. 

This Class is both for beginners in the field as well as for old time Practitioners.
The uniqueness of this class is that it is not only teaching how to treat other people but it starts with treating ourselves!  

Practitioners of other massage and Deep tissue so often get upper back problems and ligaments and muscles problems that the Trager approach can tack care off. It provides a way of working which is easy on our own bodies and the work itself not only is not tiring but is refreshing and fills you with happiness!

Learning the Trager Approach consist of 3 Levels with 3 field works in between,
a Trager Anatomy Course, and 24 hours of movement (Mentastics) .

Pre - requisites 

to Level 1 training course is either an introductory workshop or two 
sessions with recommendation from a certified Practitioner.
It can also be a 1 trager session with me.

The Coming Level 1 Training Course will be in the Mercaz area.

The in class lessons are 8  days(6 hours) once a week.

The Field work is composed of:
10 sessions to receive 2 of which must be from certified Practitioner.
30 sessions to give with written documentation.
3 Tutorials to receive from a certified Trager Tutor – the last one being a recommendation for participating in the Level 2 Training course.

There are 3 Tutors in Israel and a few more Practitioners. The list of them will be received on registration or on demand. 

For whom is the Training Course? 

For Touch Therapists who wants first of all to treat themselves and to avoid common problems like exhaustion, tendinitis, joints problems and muscles contractions.

For beginners who search for the right profession to start with! Starting with a profession that first takes care of you, provides you the right path for development.

For Therapists/students of Body oriented psychotherapy who looks for the most suitable touch method to integrate into their work as body psychotherapists. One of its advantages is that it can be used on the clothes – no need to get undressed

For those who will be happy of the possibility to conduct Trager For Daily Life Classes! Classes in which the clients are being taught how to conduct their daily life without tearing themselves apart, without harming their bodies. How to release while working and how to do things in an easy way!

For Therapists who will be happy to become part of an international organization that keeps united standards in more than 23 countries around the world. 
An organization that provides continuing education and possibilities to develop within the system up until the Instructors level. 
Becoming part of this organization provides contacts with the highest professionals worldwide.





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