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Learn Dr. Rolf's Structural Integration in the Avi Bahat approach

Next Training course in Amsterdam - starting Oct 2021 details & registration at:

Or contact David at +31-6- 81197165

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The dates of the upcoming training program:

Module 1 October 16-21 2021 (6 days)                                   Preparation


Module 2 March 7 - 10 and 14 - 17  2022 (8 days)              Preliminary session + sessions 1,2,3 

Module 3 April 29 - May 6 2022 (8 days)                             Sessions 4,5,6,7

Module 4 July 25-30 (6 days) or                                          Sessions 8,9,10

About the 10 sessions series

Rolf's Ten Treatments series is a life-changing eve


Module 4 July 25-30 (6 days) or                                                  Sessions 8,9,10nt by changing how you use your body within your everyday life. The series recognizes a place you did not know existed within you, a place I call the central axis, in a way that makes it the place through which your weight stream down to the ground and up again truogh your body, a place from which  every movement begins in a way that restore length in your body.

In our normal day-to-day we accumulate tension at the shoulder-neck junction and in the places of doing with our hands, as well as back and other tensions in the body. Tensions are related to the over-activity of our external muscles because there is insufficient activity or no activity of the internal muscles that are supposed to carry our weight and reduce the load of the weight from the outside. Our body is supposed to use the big strong external muscles only for action, only for a certain amount of work and then only for the minimum amount of force needed for this exercise and not as part of the normal posture and movement that does not require effort. Organizing the structure using the structural integration method begins to introduce you to the central axis of yourself - creating a new existential feeling!


Imagine a structure: for example, the Eiffel Tower - a straight structure - does not need external support. By contrast, for the duration of the Pisa tower - a structure that stands crooked - had to be supported because a crooked structure, gravity eventually pulls down  to the ground. 

We are built like any other structure. When we use our central axis to get support from the ground we are actually in an amazing balance that makes us experience our own weight not as a weight that pulls us to the ground but as a weight that pops up like a ball that you forcefully throw to the ground and it jumps straight up.
However, do not forget! The angle matters a lot: If you do not throw the ball at a right angle, it will not jump straight up; it will leap diagonally according to your angle of injection. When we know how to use the central axis to allow the weight flow correctly, we experience our weight lifting experience instead of its pull down! That is what you learn in this series - how to be in this place where the existential experience is an upward flow, and how to move, function, and most importantly work, while using this central axis in such a way that effort is always minimal and  the lifting experience is maximal.

This is what you learn in the Rolf's Structural Integration series. This study means to live in the same body, but in a completely different way. A form that feels easy - physically, and feels a kind of connection to the earth, a connection to yourself - all your parts feel connected and not dispersed: one foot here, hand over there and the back separated without connection to each other. It all comes together to be one big spring that functions in relation to the earth and gravity.

What will the Structural Integration Training Course give you?

If you are a Touch Therapist who wants to further improve your skills in treating pain management - Rolf's Structural Integration is one of the most cost effective methods available for this purpose!
Its great advantage is that it combines education for proper movement - correct posture with the highest level of enablement to perform the same training itself, by opening the fascia adhesions and creating new activity spaces within the body immediately!
Proper posture training methods usually require long practice time to achieve the results because it is the practice itself that creates the structural change that enables the correct movement to be performed.
In Rolf's Method, the structural change happens on the spot! It only takes 10 treatment sessions to work on all the body and to make sure that the client is now using it the correct way so as not to spoil the changes but to maintain it via correct movement. 
People undergo a transformation in the way that life within their body is, and as many clients attest, the result are kept for years and with proper maintenance even improves!
Learning Rolf's Structural Integration is a privilege that allows you to change and to help people change for the better at levels that are evem deeper than just the mechanical level of the body. 


Learning the Rolf's Structural Integration with Avi Bahat

Avi BahatAvi Bahat's background in the field
Avi Bahat, along with a small group of Israelis, learned the method from 1989, again in 1996 and again in 2004 together with the advanced 5 sessions series. In 2000, he also underwent Structural Awareness Training with Dr. Dorothy Nolte, who developed the method of movement with Dr. Rolf. In 1990, Avi Bahat was also accredited as a Trager Approach practitioner and since 2015 also a Trager Instructor by the Trager International Organization. Avi Bahat is  a Paula Teacher since 1987and a Massage Teacher from 1989.

Advantages in Learning with Avi Bahat
It is very rare to find a top -Touch Therapist who works both with the Rolf's Structural Integration and with the Trager Approach! On top of that - in combination with the Paula Method and Massage, with extensive background in the mind-body context. 
All of these elements have a big impact on Bahat's way of working and teaching. 
Many clients need not only organizing the structure by opening the fascia, but also basic learning of release and especially release while in movement which is the main issues of the Trager Approach! Therefore, many times, the client receives equally important value in this direction of learning how to release - how to identify support and use it, and how to make movement soft and effortless! Along with the benefits of the Structural Integration.


A bit of history

The first Structural Integration course in Israel was delivered by Ed Maupin - one of the students in the first training class that Dr. Rolfe held in the 1960s.

Ed Maupin - Former IPSB president and massage therapist and Rolf's Structural Integrator, is originally a psychologist who came to Fritz Perls's Gestalt Workshop in Aslan, Big Sur California. There, Dr. Rolf saw him and invited him to attend the first class where she began teaching her method.


In 1996, the same unique Israeli group that continued to organize workshops over the years with various teachers of Structural Integration brought Peter Melchior to Israel one of the only two teachers Dr. Rolf herself trained - teaching her method.


In 1996 Peter Melchior gave the group additional training with a slightly different approach than Ed Maupin and in 2004 came again to Israel to give training in the Advanced Series of Structural Integration (this training included once more the first ten treatments series before we proceeded to the advanced series).


In between, the group was able to bring Dr. Dorothy Nolte twice to Israel. Nolte taught the Structural Awareness – the movement method she developed with Dr. Rolf. 


Avi Bahat, one of the most prominent members of the group, have been teaching partially the content of Structural Integration within his system: Touch and Movement therapy - the Bahat method - since 1992. Bahat method integrates three huge methods: Dr. Rolf's method, Dr. Milton Trager's method, and Paula Garburg's method, all on a holistic approach to body / mind therapy.
Since 2010, Avi Bahat has been teaching the full Rolf's Structural Integration according to his unique approach in both Israel and Amsterdam.

Dr. Rolf's structural integration according to the Bahat approach 

Avi Bahat brings to the Structural Integration the knowledge experience and understanding developed as a Trager Approach Instructor as a Paula Method teacher and a Massage teacher. His rich experience in these other areas greatly influences the quality of his work in the Structural Integration, and the curriculum he provides to his clients and students.

The two main influences:

One is expressed in the quality of the relationship he creates with the client and the quality of work that is shared in opening the fascia adhesions. The background is the unique guidance that comes from the Trager Approach - how to release, how to recognize support, and how to do an accurate movement, that opens the adhesions by using minimal force under the pressure given by the therapist. All in relative calm.

The second influence is expressed in the complex understanding of movement, proper posture and the ability to use this understanding to build a pleasant sense of presence in the body:

The background of the Trager Approach allows the client to be taught how to release and how to move with maximum ease and minimal effort. These qualities allow for more effective opening of the i adhesions, more accurate study of proper movement in terms of physical efficiency and the provision of a more pleasant therapeutic experience that is not a kind of struggle but a kind of collaborative work.

The Paula method background provides tools for dealing with acute pain states such as back spasm and disc problems, and gives a greater understanding of the quality of movement and the proper integration of the muscular system into self-supporting and harmonious movement.  

Rolf's Structural Integration Training Program by Bahat Approach in Amsterdam


  • Module 1 Sept 2020 28, 29, 30 Oct 1 / Oct 6, 7, 8, 9 (8 days) 
  • Module 2 May 2021 3, 4, 5, 6 / 9, 10, 11, 12  (8 days)
  • Module 3 Oct 2021 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 (6 days)

Modul 1

P. +1+2+3 –   8 day's workshop Sept 2020 28, 29, 30 Oct 1 / Oct 6, 7, 8, 9

preparation - 2 days
Session 1 - 2 days
session 2 - 2 days
Session 3 - 2 days

On the first day of each session we learn by whaching a demo and practicing on one on the other in Class. we always work with the same partner to be able to folow a ful series with all the details of the process with a specific cliente! The demonstration will also be on the same person - an assistant or outside client.  
On the second day of each session we have an outside client coming to the Class for each of the students - always the same one! (as much as possible).

Module 2

4 +5 +6 +7 – 8 day's workshop May 2021 3, 4, 5, 6 / 9, 10, 11, 12

Session 4 - 2 days
session 5 - 2 days
session 6 - 2 days
session 7 - 2 days

Module 3

8 +9 +10    -  6 day's workshop Oct 2021 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 

Session 8 -    2 days
Session 9 -    2 days
Session 10 -  2 days

Altogether 22 days.

The certificte

To obtain a certificate of structural integration of Dr. Rolf according to the Bahat approach, all steps must be followed:
The In class 22 lessons. 
In between Moduls, students must document at list 4 different processes where they practiced the sessions - 4 times at list each session with different clients. 
After Module 3 - about 6 month later - the students must present 3 therapeutic series as a stage (Internship) documented and sent by mail to the teacher before the concluding session.
The concluding session consists of: Verbal presenration of the 3 documented series. and a Practical Test - Demonstrate full specific treatment on the teacher (according to the teacher's choice). 
Presentation of previous diplomas in massage, anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Dr. Rolf's Structural Integration (Rolfing) 

Dr. Rolf found the tremendous significance of making changes in body structure by opening up muscle shortenings created by the fascia's adhesions. Dr. Rolf discovered first that the structure could be altered by opening the fascia adhesions, and then she defined the physiologically ideal structure. In order to organize the body according to the physical efficiency model that she has seen, Dr. Rolf developed a series of 10 treatments that constitute one long treatment that balances the entire posture system. At the same time during the treatment sessions she was  teaching the client how to use his central axis, or in other words how to use his body in a more efficient way. The order of the process that Rolf has built is maintained piously by most of her students because of its proven effectiveness in many cases of problems resulting from poor posture or injuries that caused imbalance. In many instances such as insecurity, she believed that change could be made through joint organization and not through psychology!

The method has proven to be very effective in cases of: 

Various orthopedic problems - neck, shoulder, chest, abdomen, pelvis, hip joints, leg, ankle and foot problems - it covers the entire body structurally and improves its condition and function. People with scoliosis are very helpful in the method and people who do not suffer from pain but just want to be more upright enjoy it as well. The deep understanding it gives the therapist allows him to work at a higher level even in any other treatment method he has learned! 
The method, on the one hand, opens up shortenings in Fascia by working with the client - the therapist presses and the client makes an exact movement that the therapist instructs him to do in order to stretch the Fascia and at the same time he begins his study of proper movement. 
The component of the movement is central to the method and one can say that the very intense contact that occurs during the course - its purpose is to bring about the possibility of proper movement that is performed easily! The right movement always uses the elongation or expansion element that starts from the center (from the core) and thus gives the client access to the area in his or her being that is generally inaccessible. The presence of the therapist himself in the middle of himself is necessary to allow the client to be there too, so it is a developmental tool not only for the client but first and foremost for the Therapist himself!

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