Learn how to release your tension in 10 minutes a day

Welcome to the online course: How to release tensions in the body and not store them during the day

The aim of the course is to provide its purchasers with useful tools for self-release both as a set of exercises and as tools for release during the day.

Prepare a small space for yourself to stand in front of the computer. Feel free to follow the instructions in front of me immediately upon first viewing.

There is a point in repeating the lesson several times until it is internalized and you can then repeat it without watching.

Classes are usually shorter than 10 minutes! 
All the exercises are taken from the movement part of the Trager Aproach which is called Mentastics (Mental Gimnastics) or - Release in Movement.  

Lesson 1

The first exercise is done standing up and it lasts only a few minutes. It is worth repeating it at least three times over the next 24 hours in order to begin to assimilate the principle within it - the principle of identifying support that leads to automatic release.












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