Feedback for Coming from the Core in Finland

19/11/2017 - 00

What to change or develop:

- A little bit Mentastics for soul

- balance in exchange both the timing and content that both the giver and receiver have the optimal possibilities to learn

- The workshop was good, Elina

About class leader:

- Yes, I would like to have Avi as a leader in other courses

- lots of things in a short time to digest. He was concentrating in his guiding and was following, that we had learned. I liked.

- Strong knowledge, lots of to give

- Very effective Instructor, lots of new staff, but also repeating and personal guiding

- I liked that Avi was very clear and accurate in his teaching. Equal and willing to teach everybody and explain, Elina

Effectiveness in using time:

- In demos, good

- In practicing yes. Good guiding, goal that we understood

- Good movements in daily practice

- the practice from the core was good

-  Demos were very clear, easy to ask help when needed, nice that Mentastics was precise.

Thank you, Elina!

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