The essence and core of what body work healing is all about

26/12/2012 - 00
Yoram Gil

Avi is in a league of his own! In my view he represent the essence and core of what body work healing is all about His in depth knowledge experience, continuous education and never seething interest and curiosity combine with his psychological insights and passion for healing is an unbeatable combination so rare that I can safely state that throughout my rather long life (I am now 72) I have only come across someone similar in the same profession maybe twice. And by the way I think I was very lucky in this regard. 
I have been a professional athlete since my teens (Israeli champ of discuss throwing), and ever since I am an intensive "consumer" of body works, therapy and physical therapy. I tried almost every known method and "system" and feel authorized to state that the personal special method Avi developed combing techniques of Rolfing Trager and Paula as well as Avi`s very own "specials" together with I dare say supernatural intuition and sensitivity- all combined offer a unique healer rare to find and greatly appreciated. 
I think that his fees (though not cheap) are modest compared to the value he offers and that I have always received. Avi will tell you if he thinks he can`t help you and if he say he can you can trust it implicitly. 
I only wish I lived closer to Avi and not on the other side of the globe so I could enjoy the benefits of his expertise and friendship more often.

Yoram Gil

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