כאבי גב היא הבעיה הנפוצה ביותר אצל בני אדם. כאבי גב הם רק חלק ממכלול של כאבי גוף כמו כאבי גב תחתון, כאבי גב עליון, כאבי צוואר, כאבי כתפיים, כאבי ברכיים, ועוד כאבי רבים ומגוונים אשר ברובם מעידים על יציבה לקויה או שימוש לא נכון בגוף. כאבי גב לכן אינם גזרה שלא ניתנת לשינוי אלא להיפך כאבי גב  הם קריאה לשינוי - קריאה שבאה מהגוף עצמו ופונה אל החלק המודע שלנו כדי שנתייחס ונטפל בבעייה. 

The Online course to prevent back pain and improve posture

The essence and core of what body work healing is all about

26/12/2012 - 00

Avi is in a league of his own! In my view he represent the essence and core of what body work healing is all about His in depth knowledge experience, continuous education and never seething interest and curiosity combine with his psychological insights and passion for healing is an unbeatable combination so rare that I can safely state that throughout my rather long life (I am now 72) I have only come across someone similar in the same profession maybe twice. And by the way I think I was very lucky in this regard. 

Do you suffer from?

  • Disk herniation?
  • Back pain?
  • Scoliosis?
  • Emotional condition deriving from physiological problem?

Have you tried conventional medicine, alternative medicine, massage, physiotherapy, but nothing really helped?

A top orthopedist had pronounced that recovery was impossible

10/10/2014 - 00
When I first came to Avi a year and a half ago I was in very poor shape. My posture had collapsed to the left, apparently due to a worsening in my scoliosis. Walking was difficult, sitting was difficult -- getting through the day was difficult. I was reduced to short periods of gentle movement interrupted by long periods of rest. A top orthopedist had pronounced that recovery was impossible -- that the only solution would be long spinal fusion of some 17 vertebrae.
How does the Bahat Method integrate the Trager Approach, the Paula Method, and Rolf's Structural Integration to get to and touch the center of our structure and the depth of our essence, to bring back peacefulness and the ability to choose movements to our body? 
From front to back and right to left – how to live the good life from the body’s center axis.
I elaborated on the meaning and importance of living within the body in the previous article, which dealt with recognizing support as a key ingredient in our ability to let go. Living within our body calls on us to go even deeper and seek experiencing life on our body’s center axis.
When a mother feels the connection with the earth she is experiencing a feeling of physical existence that she transfers to her baby. *The importance of recognizing support.
A lot of our life occurs in our thoughts – in the face and head area. Why do we find it difficult to fully live our physical existence in all four of our sides and the depth of our bodies, and how does that affect our posture and movement?
To find the answer to the question ‘why do our backs hurt?’ we need to look at the gap that exists between the unique potential each of us have and how we fulfill that potential.

Opening a [New] Future 

Using the "Rolfing” technique in children and young adults suffering from scoliosis, can not only retard its progression, but can even reverse it by straightening the degree curvature significantly. 
The extent to which an integrated therapy of opening fascial adhesions and movement exercises can relieve the pain of individuals with mild scoliosis can be learnt from the case of Naama (pseudo name). 
A few months ago Naama (a young woman aged 29) arrived at my clinic for treatment. 

Is it possible to avoid back pains when sitting? Absolutely yes.

Most cases of lower back pain nowadays are due to long incorrect way of sitting!

Exercises to prevent back pain when sitting - starts with learning how to sit!

In the past, most cases were an outcome of an over extended lower back arch (Lordosis), and today it is the opposite! Most cases are a result of an extension of lower back muscles due to a reverse arch in the lower back during long time sitting position!

Straightening the line.

Modern medicine doesn’t treat people suffering from slight scoliosis*. The treatment for relieving the pain and preventing further deterioration can be found in the treatment combining the opening of the adhesion of the covering of the muscle and movement.
Many back pain problems are cause by sitting incorrectly. 
רוב המקרים היום של כאבי גב תחתון, נגרמים כתוצאה מישיבה ממושכת ולא נכונה!
בעבר רוה המקרים נבעו מקשת מוגברת בגב התחתון ואילו היום בדיוק להיפך - רוב המקרים נגרמים בגלל מתיחת יתר של הגב התחתון במהלך ישיבה ממושכת מול מחשב ו/או נהיגה!

What is unique in the Bahat Method?

It allows you optimal functioning without pain and stress, while learning balance between 
Letting Go and Organisation
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