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Rock and Rolf is a technique that connects some complementary elements that come from two treatment methods that are usually considered two opposite ends in terms of their style and therapeutic techniques.

The source methods are the Structural Integration of Dr. Rolf (Rolfing) and Trager Approach.

The techniques that come together here are:

Rock - creating a swing

Standing in between these two modalities as I have learned them more or less at the same time, has developed in me the option of seeing them as complimentary rather than contradictory!
They both teach us something about standing on this earth. 
One defines exactly where is our center so that when we use it we can save a lot of energy!
The other is teaching more about how to let go unnecessary muscle holdings so that we can really benefit from the use of the middle line of the body.
When we only know where the center is – it is not enough.

Feedback for Coming from the Core in Finland

19/11/2017 - 00

What to change or develop:

- A little bit Mentastics for soul

- balance in exchange both the timing and content that both the giver and receiver have the optimal possibilities to learn

- The workshop was good, Elina

About class leader:

- Yes, I would like to have Avi as a leader in other courses

- lots of things in a short time to digest. He was concentrating in his guiding and was following, that we had learned. I liked.

A special Trager Training course for Massage Therapists 

    Graduates of the Akademie for massage & Movement in Amsterdam

"Coming from the Core"  Workshop for Touch & M Movement Therapists


This unique workshop is designed for Touch Therapists including Trager practitioners who wish to learn more about connecting to their own central axis, and being able to reach the client`s central axis as well!

Psycho Physical Integration – The Trager Approach

Do you feel that your body is tense, contracted, strained?

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