Back Pain Videos

  • Tips for upper back problems.

    4 useful tips for the upper back. Prevention and to help with upper back problems.
    Avi Bahat demonstrate.Read more

  • The integration of the biotensegrity Model with the movement Model of dr. Rolf.

    Avi Bahat demonstrates different walking styles and then shows the Rolf's model of movement and how it integrates with the Biotensegrity Model. Read more

  • Preventing Neck Pain Through Correct Sitting Posture

    Many of us suffer from preventable neck pain that is caused by incorrect sitting. In this short video I show you the principals of correct sitting that will help you to kiss neck pain goodbye.
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  • One leg up short demo

    The first basic exercise for building the correct use of the central axis of the body. best for lower back problems! Read more

  • How to Sit and Stand Up Correctly

    How to sit down, how to stand up, and were is the central axis in sitting. use of this information prevants back pain.
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  • Sitting Exercises

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