About Avi Bahat

I help people to find their correct place. Through Touch and Movement Therapy that I developed, I will enable you to move effortlessly, to be fully present in your body, with balance 
between letting go and organization.

I invite you to a rare experience of getting to know yourself .

The body and the soul in awareness and joy

How did I get to know myself?

When I was fifteen years old, I received the lesson of my life from a karate teacher (today he is a famous shaman in England) and from a Japanese Zen master (in time he came to head the largest network of monasteries in the USA). 

This was the first lesson in connection between emotional, spiritual, mental and physical development

I learned to discover, to develop my natural forces through effort, coping and breaking through what I thought were my limits, time after time. 

I also learned to identify the special qualities in every thing and in every one. 

Since then I have engaged in a profound search for the answer to the question of what development is. 

In my life I touch the essence – my centre, and from there the centre of others. 

Therapy was always a significant part of my life. In the distant past I practiced organic agriculture, I tended the soil and plants. Then I began my extensive training in tending of people. 
In movement... The entire therapeutic process occurs through touch and movement. Creating a circle of communications and connections between man and his body, therapist and client and back to the meeting between man and himself. 
In my treatment body meets body, soul meets soul

In treatment I am present and open to a meeting with the soulBody meets bodyThe therapist`s emotional awareness meets the emotional place where the client isSoul meets soul

My Professional Movement

I always possessed a wish to treat people through touch. From an early age children came to me with all kinds of different injuries and I would advise them what to do, explain the healing process to them, how long it would take and how much it would hurt. At the age of 17 I was exposed for the first time to healing for myself and later I learned to give a therapeutic touch to people and to animals and I did this naturally for friends. Only at the age of 27 did I begin to learn professional massage. 

The Professional Conflict of the Beginner Masseur:

What is more correct in massage - Top to bottom or vice versa?

Relieving stress

The first massage that I learned professionally derived from the  Wilhelm Reich approach – it concentrated on the release of unnecessary tensions. Long massage strokes, always starting at the top moving down towards the edges of the body. 

Swedish massage

Subsequently I studied Swedish massage with Mr. Goldman. A different therapeutic approach, deriving from the world of medicine and physiotherapy and stressing the blood flow in the arterial system with separation of the different organs in the body. The massage strokes are precisely opposite to those of the previous method, from bottom to top (to the heart).

The problem was that I felt confused

I asked myself what is the correct treatment? 

The solution: holistic therapy

I learned that there is room for every technique. "The main thing is that you know what you are doing and why." In order to remove stress you must use the Reich approach whereas in order to improve the blood flow you must use the principles of Swedish massage. In holistic treatment I understood the significance of Connectedness and holism – connecting between different body parts, the physical feeling of being connected from foot to head and mainly relating to people in a broad way as body – mind – soul. This approach broadened my attention towards dreams with special interpretation to colors in the dream having a meaning in relation to the specific client as well as in relation to the collective conciseness.

The holistic therapy approach that sees the different therapeutic methods as complementary to each other was a significant milestone for the integrated Touch and Movement Therapy approach that I developed in the course of my career. 

The Trager Method - "To Let Go" 

Here I learned how to let go, to abandon and to give myself up to gravity. In the A wonderful feeling of freedom and relief expressed in every field of my life.

The Rolf Method - Structural Integration

I studied Ida 


The connection between these two amazing approaches and the feeling of power, the empowerment and finding my centre

The Paula Method 

In the Incontinence, uterine prolapse, haemorrhoids, breathing problems, digestive system problems, back pains and different kinds of pains as a result of defective posture, are only a few of the symptoms that I discovered that this method can resolve effectively. Certainly The Paula approach added a very significant layer to the 

I studied, I studied and I began also to teach... 

• Qualified Paula method teacher 
• Advanced Practitioner for Ida Rolf`s structural integration and Rolf/Nolte structural awareness. 
• Qualified Trager Approach Practitioner and Tutor. 

• Teaches the Bahat Method – Touch and Movement Therapy 

In the meantime I studied Gestalt therapy in Tel Aviv University`s Department of Further Studies and expanded my knowledge in the field of psychotherapy. 
One more thing... 

In 2000-2003 I served as 

I invite you to a touch and movement therapy experience 
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