Trager Approach Level 3 Training

Level 3 Training course in Israel 

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Instructor: Avi Bahat 

Starting on January 1 once a week on Mondays for 6 meetings ending on Februar 5th.

The class is usually conducted in Hebrew. When we have Trager students from abroad it is conducted in English.

This Class is for both Level 2 graduates, repeaters, level 3 graduates and Practitioners.
The emphasis in this Class is not only in improving our techno's and learning some more of them but mainly to learn how to adapt the right ones to our specific client!

One of the most common issues we meet this days in the clinic, are people with too much freedom in there joints – too loos structure – how to help them to feel the connection within their own structure, to bring stability and confidence will be major subjects in this Class.  

Pre - requisites 

Graduate of leve 2 and higher. 

This Class consists of 40 hours – 5 full days. 

The Field work is composed of:

10 sessions to receive 2 of which must be from certified Practitioner.
30 sessions to give with written documentation.
3 Tutorials to receive from a certified Trager Tutor – the last one being a recommendation for participating in the Level 2 Training course.

There are 3 Tutors in Israel and a few more Practitioners. They are listed on Tragel Israel website 


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