Trager Approach Level 3 Training

Level 3 Training course in Israel January 2018

The class will be conducted in English to allow guests from abroad to participate.  
It will take place 5 days from January 15 until January 19 in Tel Aviv. 

This Class is only for Trager Students who have done already Level 2 And for practitioners or students who wants to repeat the class with a different teacher.

Avi bahat will be instructing this class, he brings to the learning his deep knowledge of body structure and movement being a teacher of the Structural Integration of Rolf and a long time Paula teacher as well.

The emphasis in this final level before becoming a practitioner is not only on refining the technics and moves from previous levels and adding more advanced ones, It is mainly to learn to define specific needs of clients, and different strategies regarding those needs.

Cost and registration

The cost of the Class (without the fieldwork) is 500 Euro  

Contact Avi Bahat at or +972544306930.

Learning the Trager Approach to become a practitioner consist of 3 Levels with 3 field works in between, a Trager Body (Anatomy) Course, and 24 hours of movement (Mentastics) .


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