The integrative model - A master Class

The integrative mode - A master Class with Avi Bahat

November 5 - 7  from 10.00 to 18.00 at the Akademie for Massage and Movement Amsterdam 
Contact Petra Van Os at  06-27065856.

How to combine the deep structural work (opening adhesions in the fascia) with the light work of Dr. Milton Trager – showing the easy movement possibilities of the body while teaching the letting go within an interaction! Or, how do we keep the line (the structure line of Dr. Ida Rolf) while playing with the easiness of the body in passive movement, and how do we keep the letting go process within the deep work of Fascia release? 

We will explore these possibilities both in movement and in hands on work. 
The hands on work will develop from work on the back to work on the deep muscles of the thigh rotators and the backside of the leg. – This will cover many related areas to sciatica. 
We will add to this, the work on the neck as well so, that what we learn in the workshop can serve as a full session relating to sciatica! 

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