Integrative Massage Course for beginners

Integrative Massage  - recognize the whole

This course gives you a diploma of Integrative Massage according to Avi Bahat Method.
The Integrative massage is a wonderful integration of Holistic Massage with therapeutic elements from the Ida Rolf`s Structural Integration and from Milton Trager`s Psycho physical integration.
This kind of massage can be applied both in Spa and in therapeutic clinics!
The joy that the Trager approach brings into the massage is a lot through passive movements and rocking. It brings a deeper relaxation as well as inner connection to one`s own core.
The Trager approach contains the means to teach how to release and let go and in its advanced forms it teaches how to become liable of choosing your feeling sensations.
Get a little impression about how it looks like in the hands on part : The Trager approach
The Structural integration of Ida Rolf is the most efficient way physically to restore balance to our structure and thus alleviate pressure that creates pain!
Get an impression of how it looks in the hand on part of it Structural Integration
The S.I as well as the Trager approach – teaches the client a way to feel better!
This therapeutic method gives information and short exercises that the client can use at home to promote his wellbeing.

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תרגיל הבסיס ליציבה נכונה ולמניעת כאבי גב
Technical information on the Course in Israel: Integrative Massage - Info
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