Coming From the Core - Advanced workshop

Coming From The Core - Advanced Wrkshop

This unique workshop, gives some of the highlights of the Bahat method – being an integration of the 3 giants: Dr. Rolf, Dr. Trager and Paula Garburg. 

After receiving the set of exercises for building the central axis of the body (in the first workshop), you will be introduced more deeply to the natural movement and the ways it can be reached through the use of the ring muscles – reconnecting to harmonious movement –a movement that is always enhancing wellbeing and strength. 
This natural movement ensures us to become healthier rather than deteriorating as a result of unharmonious movement.

On the part of the touch in this advanced workshop, we will relate this time not just to our own use of the central axis, but also to ways in which we can help organize our client in a better symmetry around his own central axis. 
Getting organized around the central axis, takes information and movement exercises on one side and it can be greatly enhanced through opening of adhesions in the fascia on the other side. 

This effective way of restoring physical balance in the body structure, is what Dr. Rolf has developed and called Structural Integration

As much as the Structural Integration and the Trager approaches are so opposites in technique, they really need one the other to complete on the subject of recognizing the earth as a support and becoming able to receive this support both from the earth as well as from another person. 

The result of the integration of the two is
being able to stand straight without effort, 
being able to let go of any unnecessary holdings of the muscles in standing walking and doing things. 
A better use of the central axis for receiving the support of the earth.
Recognizing support while in passive movement and being able to trust and to let go. 

In this advanced workshop we will do some deep work that will improve our balance around the central axis, this will improve our ability to move the client on the table both in big and in small movements. 
We will repeat some of the moves that were taught in the first workshop and will learn some knew movements as well.
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