Coming From The Core

"Coming from the Core"  Workshop for Touch Therapists

Coming Workshop in Arambol - Goa - India!
Februay 16, 17, 18, 2018.
Contact Ramit at +972 528601216

Last workshop in Finland November 10-12

This unique workshop is designed for Touch Therapists including Trager practitioners who wish to learn more about connecting to their own central axis, and being able to reach the client`s central axis as well!
Connecting to yourself and to the client through the central axis enables you to move the client in passive movements in a way that give him the joy of feeling supported, trusting the support and letting go. As we learn to build a sense of existence in the physical body, we find that letting go is a direct outcome. We also find that moving someone else becomes easy while using your own central axis. Some examples for that, you can see in the short video down here and you can also see the full session in the link that follows.

For the full session presss here >>> 

Twist for the far away side First part Fly the legrest the leg back on coach






Exercising the far away twistThey do it all by themselvs






What will you learn at the workshop? 

Special exercises for building the central axis and correct use of it. 
Exercises that teach how to let go using the feeling of weight. 
An encounter with new possibilities of passive movement on the mattress, and application of these and other movements, on the therapy table including finding easy ways to turn a client from one side to the other, bending, various twists and other big movements as well as very fine and exact connecting movements from Core to Core.
This workshop is ​an approved Elective workshop for Trager student`s/ practitioners level 2 and higher. 

A little theory... 

The "Coming from the Core" workshop is based on integration of the work of two giants: Dr Milton Trager and Dr. Ida Rolf. The combination of the feeling of weight with the precise use of the body`s central axis allows deeper connection to the core both of the therapist and the client. 
The movements that come from the core, well connected to the ground, reach the client`s core, and also connect him to the ground very clearly and safely, and in a way that gives a very basic existential feeling. 
Coming from the core provides very basic needs of the being, of feeling at home, and of receiving existential confirmation. 
This special relationship with the core is what allows the movements to grow, without losing confidence or the self.

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