Beginners Training

A 6 days special workshop - basic principles of the Integrative Msassage

19 - 24 / February in Arambol – Goa - India.  

For details and registration contact  Ramit at or call +917066884087 

(WhatsApp) +972 528601216


Level 1 Training course in Arambol - Goa - India!

Avi Bahat is teaching Level 1 in Arambol 9 -15 February

Contact Ramit at +972 528601216

Psycho Physical Integration – The Trager Approach

Do you feel that your body is tense, contracted, strained?

Integrative Massage  - recognize the whole

This course gives you a diploma of Integrative Massage according to Avi Bahat Method.
The Integrative massage is a wonderful integration of Holistic Massage with therapeutic elements from the Ida Rolf`s Structural Integration and from Milton Trager`s Psycho physical integration.
This kind of massage can be applied both in Spa and in therapeutic clinics!
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