Advanced Training

Level 1 Training course in Arambol - Goa - India!

Avi Bahat is teaching Level 1 in Arambol 9 -15 February

Contact Ramit at +972 528601216

Feedback for Coming from the Core in Finland


What to change or develop:

- A little bit Mentastics for soul

- balance in exchange both the timing and content that both the giver and receiver have the optimal possibilities to learn

- The workshop was good, Elina

About class leader:

- Yes, I would like to have Avi as a leader in other courses

- lots of things in a short time to digest. He was concentrating in his guiding and was following, that we had learned. I liked.

"Coming from the Core"  A 2 days Workshop for Touch Therapists

October 8 , 9  2016 in the Akademie for Massage & Movement Amsterdam, contact person: Petra Van Os If you are interested, please mail or call with Petra van Os:  06-27065856. for the Akademie website press here

A special Trager Training course for Massage Therapists 

    Graduates of the Akademie for massage & Movement in Amsterdam

"Coming from the Core"  Workshop for Touch Therapists

Coming Workshop in Arambol - Goa - India!
Februay 16, 17, 18, 2018.
Contact Ramit at +972 528601216

Last workshop in Finland November 10-12

Psycho Physical Integration – The Trager Approach

Do you feel that your body is tense, contracted, strained?

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