A 6 days Integrative Massage Workshop

A 6 days special workshop - basic principles of the Integrative Msassage

19 - 24 / February in Arambol – Goa - India.  

For details and registration contact  Ramit at ramitnaor@gmail.com or call +917066884087 

(WhatsApp) +972 528601216


אבי בחט טיפול בכאבי גב - תל אביב

Avi Bahat developed the Integrative Massage on the early nineties as a Holistic Massage that gives the client options of developmental process along two major lines. The aspect of body alignment that comes from the work of Dr.  Rolf (Rolfing) and the aspect of releasing, not only at the table, but also during every day activities - that comes from the Trager Approach. 
In this special Basic training course, Avi Bahat will teach the very essence of this work – suitable for beginners as for practitioners of other modalities.

What will be in the workshop 

We will learn basic massage moves integrated with more advanced techniques that will allow us opening fascia in specific places like along the back and the backside of the legs.
We will learn specific exercises that will help us to use our central axis.
We will learn how weighing an arm or a leg – enables the client to let go. We will learn to use rocking movements to deepen the release. We will learn specific exercises to release our arms legs and back while working!
This workshop is a great joy and a great learning experience – learning from the muster himself – the one who has developed the Integrative Massage!

Call Ramit for further information - ramitnaor@gmail.com +972 528601216 (WhatsApp)
+917066884087 (Local)


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