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  • Structural Integration in Amsterdam

    April 2 an 8 hours workshop with Avi Bahat in Amsterdam about Dr. Rolf's Movement Model and the the way we make it possible through the Stuctural Integration.
    contact person: Petra van Os petra@akademie.nl 06-27065856. All details in the link. 

  • Trager Approach for Massage Therapists In Amsterdam

    A wonderful opportunity for Massage Therapists who wants to learn how to be more efficient with less effort! I will be giving a special training of the Trager Approach in Amsterdam. Date: Block 1: 5, 6, 10, 11, 12,13 October . Block 2: 29, 30 March and 3, 4, 5, 6 April 2017 For details, enter the Akademie website if you are interested, mail or call Petra Van Os at: petra@akademie.nl 06 27065856


Your first step towards living a pain free life!

Avi Bahat Touch & Movement Therapy 

Back Pain Tel Aviv - Avi BahatWith touch and movement therapy, you can live a pain free life.
As a body – oriented therapist I am aware of the amount of information stored in our bodies, which we used as an armor to protect ourselves over the years. I received the 10 Structural Integration sessions from Avi. I felt this could help me get more space in my body. Less pain and it would make me longer! Avi taught me how I can use the support from the environment such as the floor or a chair. These practical exercises are tools for life. Contact Avi I highly recommend! Monique Sachs.
Monique Sachs
Your playfulness, freedom, the sounds you make, your acceptance, wisdom, sense of humor, your singing, your explanation and demonstration so clear and inspiring and easy to understand. Even the way you handled resistance. That I could be myself – it was a safe environment. You knew when to come to help. The love and easiness you bring with you. It was built in a brilliant graduate way. For me it was perfect just the way it was.
Ruthieka - Trager Student
Avi is in a league of his own! In my view he represent the essence and core of what bodywork healing is all about. His in depth knowledge experience, continuous education and never seething interest and curiosity combine with his psychological insights and passion for healing is an unbeatable. I have been a professional athlete since my teens I only wish I lived closer to Avi and not on the other side of the globe so I could enjoy the benefits of his expertise. Sincerely,
Yoram Gil
When I first came to Avi, walking was difficult, sitting was difficult. A top orthopedist had pronounced that recovery was impossible. I was not only in pain, but was also bewildered. Avi began with me with Rolfing sessions. Surgery is now completely off the table, I can carry on my normal activities almost without adjustment. Thank you Avi you saved my life.

Pain in the body indicates that you need to make some changes. 

Many of my clients suffer from back and joint pain. Some have a high degree of muscle tension. Many suffer from a mild form of Scoliosis in which the spine is curved due to muscle tension. When Scoliosis is mild, it is often not detected until there is pain and the patient seeks relief from back pain. 

I specialize in treating Scoliosis and herniated slipped discs.

Using different methods of Touch and Movement Therapy, I help my patients to be free from pain and improve their overall well being.

I have worked in the field of Touch and Movement Therapy for over 30 years. One of the most efficient ways to treat pain is by using the method of Structural Integration (developed by Dr. Ida Rolf).

The Trager Approach is the most efficient method to teach the body how to "release through movement". The Trager Approach method teaches the client useful methods to release pain in his daily life.

Combining Structural Integration with the Trager Approach provides the best physical results. Clients who have completed a series of treatments have reported a feeling of lightness while standing, walking, and sitting. They have also experienced great relief from back pain.

The Paula Garburg Method is another greate tool I have used for the last 30 years to treat pelvic floor problems as well as many other types of body dysfunctions. The Paula method is a self healing system. You learn the method and continue to practice it.

Are you interested in learning Structural Integration (Dr. Ida Rolf)? Trager Approach? Information about course can be found under Professional Courses in the top menu.

  • עקמת

    Usually, Scoliosis is first seen in children (aged11 -15) during the period of fastest growth. However, this is not when Scoliosis first started

  • שיטת פאולה
    The Israeli Paula Garburg Method is the most effective method regarding incontinence and prolapse.
    The efficiency of the Paula Method is far 
  • Herniated Disc
    The acute problem in a slipped or herniated disk situation generally derives from inflammation that causes pressure and pain. The good news is
  • The most common area for back pain is in the lower back, but sometimes this causes problems in upper parts of the back too! 
    The good news is 

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